The Best of 2012

As the year draws to a close, it's time to take a look at our:
Reader's Choice of the 
20 most wildly popular 
original projects of 2012 here at 
I Gotta Create!

You can see the Ultimate, hands-down #1 reader's pick for 2012 and all time *here*

A giant surge the day after Christmas results in what is now the number one post for 2012:

Throughout the year prior to Christmas, here's your number one run-away-favorite post...

{I'm thrilled since my 2012 New Years resolution was to make recycling popular.}

4.  Inspiring Creative Women series ~ especially the interview with Katie from Creatively Living. We also tuned in to Katalina Jewelry, Lizy B Bakes, Bliss Ranch, and Heaven's Walk.

in recycled Mod Podged containers

{from plain dollar store jar candles}

16.  You enjoyed seeing the wildlife around here, especially the Backyard Bobcat Visit!

20.   and have made all the aluminum foil projects from last year ongoing hits in 2012! Thank you!


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There are so many more original creative projects here at I Gotta Create! Visit the Visual Table of Contents for more.

My word for 2013 is.... {click to see}

And we can't leave 2012 without mentioning the growing attendance and creativity of the 
linky party!

2012 has been a fantastically creative year.
Thank you for:
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and your many, many kindnesses!

Lots & Lots of Love...

edit: oops! I made a mistake... the #1 all-time favorite is *here*

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