Tinfoil Rose Tutorial

DIY #aluminum foil ROSE! | Great for #Valentine #Wedding #Shower #Anniversary #Mothers Day | Tutorial at I Gotta Create!

You knew another fabulous aluminum foil project was coming, right? 

DIY #aluminum foil ROSE! | Great for #Valentine #Wedding #Shower #Anniversary #Mothers Day | Tutorial at I Gotta Create!

Great for Mother's Day or Valentine's Day: A thornless Silver Rose.

Of course, you'll need to make the Tinfoil "Waffle Cloth." I show you how to do that in the *Tinfoil Rickrack Tutorial here* {along with a peek at all the other amazing things you can do with foil!} 

For the rose, you'll want three sizes of circles. I used the following round punches: 1", 1-1/4" and 1-3/8." Punch 4 or 5 circles of each size out of your Tinfoil Waffle Cloth.

Now you're ready for the Spring version of the Tinfoil Craze!  

Using the smallest circle, roll a tight tube for the center. Then create 3 or 4 slightly looser cones, building up the center bud of your rose.  

See how the "cones" should look? After you get the tight center bud, use your medium sized circles to create additional leaf cones. Use your trusty low-heat glue gun to secure the petals at the base of the flower as you go. {Careful! I escaped with no burns :)}

 A glue gun is a most indispensable tool! I tell you all about mine in "A Gal's Gotta Have A Glue Gun." Now, for your outer petals, use the largest circles. Instead of making a smooth cone, pinch the bottom a bit to create a little "gather" in your petal.

DIY #aluminum foil ROSE! | Great for #Valentine #Wedding #Shower #Anniversary #Mothers Day | Tutorial at I Gotta Create!

See how the 'gathered' petals turn it into a blooming rose? 

I opened a large paper clip and poked it into the base of the rose in order to make it stand upright. This is a very basic and fun way to create a stem and display your rose. It would be fun on your desk.

But of course, I have other plans for this beauty. Follow me and stay tuned!

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