Wildly Original link party #110

It's time to get Wild!

Share your Wildly Original creations:
food, crafts, DIY projects, decor
sewing, knitting, painting… you dream it up,
we wanna see it!

Love these DIY Tile Coasters by A Dose of Paige

Purrrfect Caturday Crafts

Purrfect cat-themed crafts, decor, fashion, food and baubles for your cat! | Visit I Gotta Create!

Pet lovers know the
joy of caring for a furry friend,
the laughs at the zany things they do,
and the fun of pet-themed projects.

Check out the projects below to get your fix of

Cat Themed Crafts, Decor, Fashion, Food
and baubles for your Cat…

Turtle Talk #1: Slow but Steady

Slow but steady wins the race. Great reminder, sweet image. | visit I Gotta Create!

Time to slow down a bit,
take a deep breath,
and soak in some wisdom
from nature.

Pin this little gem as a reminder.
An inspirational quote to help you when
you're overwhelmed with all the to-do's:

Slow and steady wins the race.
Thanks, Aesop.

You can learn more about turtle

Turtle Talk. Great quotes, sweet image. | visit I Gotta Create!

Wildly Original link party #109

Welcome to all you

Wildly Original 
cooks, crafters, DIYers, and decorators 
linking up today!

Check out this inspiration from last week:

Bottle Cap art by Little Greenwoods

DIY Bird Bath by About a Mom

Mini Greenhouse for Raised Garden Beds by Interior Frugalista

Now it's your turn to inspire us…
with what YOU link up!

Western Painted Turtle: Symbolism and Facts

This #turtle is the size of a quarter!  Awwww…  | Turtle symbolism and facts at I Gotta Create!

My hubby found the sweetest
little turtle near our new garden.

It is literally the size of a quarter!

I love turtles!
The beauty of this creature inspires 
ancient stories and symbolism.

Observe a turtle and let it speak to you
of the wisdom in its nature... 

Turtle Symbolism:

the ability to stay grounded
peace and harmony
strength and stability
reminder to slow down, pace yourself
determination and persistence
patience and understanding
ancient wisdom

Here are a few more turtle tidbits:

Wildly Original link party #108

Party Time!!

Welcome to this week's party featuring
wildly original recipes, crafts, decor, DIY projects and more!

Are you ready for Fathers Day?
Check out this great DIY gift the kids can make:

Rockin Wire Photo Holders by Artzy Creations

For more ideas suitable for Fathers Day 
or summer fun, try:

Now it's your turn…
show us what YOU'RE up to!

Vintage Cassette Case Vase Tutorial

Today I'm sharing with you another 
music-themed DIY project from my 
wedding series: 

Groovy! Cassette case vase tutorial ~ great conversation centerpiece at a music theme #party or #wedding | Tutorial at I Gotta Create!

Wind up with a great conversation piece 
for a music-themed
party, wedding or shower
using old cassette cases!

Each vase or centerpiece is like
time capsule ~ a blast from the past ~
sure to provoke smiles and reminiscing

Let's go retro and get started with

How to Make a Vintage Cassette Case Vase

Wildly Original link party #107

It's time to get Wild!!

Share your Wildly Original creations:
food, crafts, DIY projects, 
decor, sewing, knitting, painting… you dream 
it up, we wanna see it!

For this week's features, you get to drool over

The Best Banana Bread by Yesterfood

and consider fun summer activities for kids like this:

Vinyl Record Cupcake Stand Tutorial

How to make a Vintage Record Cupcake Stand! I love this idea for a wedding or birthday. | music theme tutorial at I Gotta Create!

Turn up the tunes
and break out the goodies!

It's time to go retro and learn:

How to Make A
Vintage Record Cupcake Stand 

I've assembled an easy - to - follow
photo friendly tutorial
with all the steps for making your own
inexpensive vinyl record dessert stand. 

Let's get started…