{Mason Jar} Pumpkin Payday!

They are the most adorable, versatile little pumpkins you'll ever meet!

They're perfect for Thanksgiving gift-giving:

Half-pint Mason Jar Pumpkins! 

Half-pint Mason Jars get a Lid Lift to look like a pumpkin. Don't you love the natural stem?

Inside they hold a sweet mix that 
tastes like a Payday candybar,
featuring that seasonal favorite: candy corn. 

The mix is both a lovely color and a tasty treat, 
here's how you make the Payday mix:

One bag of candy corn.
One canister of dry roasted peanuts.
Mix together.
That is all.

Homegrown Homemade Goodness!

If you'd like a tutorial,  Click Here!
Happy Harvest!

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