How to make Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

How to make cold brew coffee concentrate for iced coffees - the secret to non-bitter iced coffee! | visit I Gotta Create!

Making iced coffee is an art
you can master at home
with a simple trick
to keep your perfect mix
from being bitter or becoming diluted.

The trick is cold brewing. 
It is a must for iced coffee.

I discovered this secret over at
a couple of years ago, and if you
want an iced coffee that will make you
fat and happy, check out her recipe.

But I use my coffee concentrate for many things,
including my totally decadent
and my
Slim Iced Mocha Frappe.

So let's get down to basics
sans fancy recipes
and just focus on ~

How to make
Iced Coffee Concentrate
at home:

I'm going to give you the easy-to-pin
visual directions here first, followed by the
written directions to yield
24 cups of liquid coffee concentrate gold.

How to make cold brew coffee concentrate for iced coffees - the secret to non-bitter iced coffee! | visit I Gotta Create!

To cold brew this liquid gold, you need a 2-gallon glass container, or three 2-quart glass pitchers and divvy up the instructions accordingly.  I like glass because it doesn't transfer any unauthorized taste to your brew.

Pour an 11-oz package of ground coffee of your choice into a glass container(s) as noted above.
{looks like nowadays coffee is packaged in 11 ounces instead of a pound}
Pour 6 quarts of cold filtered water over it.
Stir until the grounds are soaked.
Cover and let steep 10 hours or more.
Pour through a cheesecloth-lined strainer.
Keep the precious dark liquid and throw the grinds on the compost pile!

Place in a pitcher, cover tightly and refrigerate.
Keeps for a month!

Let's see... 6 quarts equals 24 cups
of liquid coffee concentrate gold ~ 
that should last a few mornings! 

This is heavy-duty stuff - I wouldn't drink it plain. For recipes using Coffee Concentrate,
check out:

Mocha Ice Cubes
Slim Iced Mocha Frappe


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