Quick Sketches of my Favorite Oscar Dresses

Quick sketches of my favorite gowns on #Oscar night | I Gotta Create!

This year I did something a little different
while watching the Academy Awards.

I did quick sketches of 
my three favorite dresses...

of course while munching on snacks
and playing some Oscar Games
(see the links below).

These were just quick studies - not meant to be perfect by any means. 
I enjoyed whipping them out!

I was inspired by this 
infographic of Oscar Dresses.

And  guess, what?
I'm on Instagram now and invite you
to follow me there
where I'm undertaking some new creative 
directions and posting my artwork.

What were your favorite moments of the evening?

Quick sketches of my favorite gowns on #Oscar night | I Gotta Create!

Leprechaun Cone Tree Forest Tutorial

Make your own wee little #leprechaun forest for St. Patricks Day with this fun and easy tutorial from I Gotta Create!

This adorable wee forest
will delight leprechauns of all ages for

St. Patrick's Day!

Let's get started with the

Leprechaun Cone Tree Forest Tutorial

Name That Oscar Host! answer key for the party game

Name That Oscar Host! Here is the answer key to the printable game for your Academy Awards watch party from I Gotta Create!

We're getting ready to roll out
the red carpet here.

For your Academy Awards watch party,
you'll want the 

answer key to this fun game:

Name That Oscar Host!

Twenty celebrities have hosted
the Academy Awards more than once.
The object of the game is to
identify those 20 hosts.

There's an extra host on the page,
so you will need to identify who hosted only once.

But wait before peeking at these answers!!
You can get the original game {here}.

I'm providing the answer key in this post
so that you have the opportunity
to make your guesses without peeking!

You might be interested in more watch party fun
with these ideas:
if you are ready for the answers,
just mosey over to my Etsy
during Oscar season for the instant download:

Name That Oscar Host! Here is the answer key to the printable game for your Academy Awards watch party from I Gotta Create!

Have a great time watching the Oscars!

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Using Christmas Ornaments Year Around

Hello everyone! 
Today I'm sharing a little peek of our home
to illustrate a decorating idea.

Sweet Ideas for Using Christmas Ornaments Year Around | visit I Gotta Create!

I designed our home with 
all my favorite elements in mind.

It's a place where a 
rustic, back-to-nature log cabin feel 
meets elegant craftsman bungalow form, 
meets warm timber frame touches.

I have a few little holiday ornaments
who beg to stay out past Christmas.

They add a little whimsy
through every season.

Sweet Ideas for Using Christmas Ornaments Year Around | visit I Gotta Create!

You might have some ornaments
you've collected on trips or inherited,
so I thought I'd show a few of my examples of

how to use holiday ornaments year around.

Leprechaun Treat Pot Tutorial

These little cuties
will have you serving up
St. Patrick Day treats in style!

Plus… They are 
SUPER easy and quick to put together.

Let's get started on the

St. Patrick Day Leprechaun Pots Tutorial

Oscar Party Bingo Cards for 2015!

Oscar Bingo! free printable cards for your Academy Awards watch party! | This and more at http://igottacreate.blogspot.com

It's officially a tradition here:

Oscar Bingo

for your Academy Awards watch party!

I've made free printable cards for you again.

It's a FUN way to watch
the glitz and glamour with your
friends and family.

You can even glitz up some bingo chips
to make it extra fun.

Name That Host! Oscar Party Game Printable

Name that Oscar Host party game printable! FUN!  | Academy Awards game download at I Gotta Create!

It's Academy Award season
and this year, let's hear it for the hosts!

Let's face it,
a great host at the Oscars
makes watching worthwhile.

Great food and beverages help, too,
but more on that later...

There have been some amazing
hosts over the years.
Twenty of them have been asked
to host more than once.

Soooo.... that inspired me to
develop a game for 
this season's Oscar Party!

It's called:

Name That Host: Oscar Party Game

and I've developed a printable for you!

Wildly Original link party #142

Welcome to this week's Wildly Original linky party!!!

Gluten free zucchini brownie parfaits by Oh My Sugar High

I'm so happy you're here
with us this week!

Doesn't that parfait look YUMMY?! 

We've got a few other awesome features 
for you before we get to the linkup: 

Valentine Word Search Party Game

Free Valentine word search printables. Great to give or to use as a minute-to-win-it game for your Valentines Day party! | Download at I Gotta Create!

We love Valentines and everyone loves a 

word search puzzle!

Turn it in to a super fun challenge by making it a

Minute to Win It Game for your Valentine Party.

This 6th game in the series 
is a simple, FUN 
way to exercise your brain!

I have the word search printable for download 
in two sizes for you now listed in my Etsy.

Wildly Original linky party #141

It's time for some Wildly Original fun!

Painted paisley stones by Suzy's Artsy Craftsy Sitcom

You all blew me away with your creativity
last week!

Here's a quick peek at some features from last week before we
get to this week's linkup: