Wildly Original #165 link party

Hola, Friends!

I just love you guys! You are SO creative
and inspire me each week!

Kate Spade Inspired Key Fobs by Flamingo Toes

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Our First Eggs! Free Kitchen Printable, Too!

We got eggs!
We got our first fresh organic eggs!

and they are Eggcellent!

A lot has been happening
behind the scenes in the past
17 weeks here at 
I Gotta Create!

We got our first ever baby chicks,
{four of them: Buff, Red, Gertrude and Lacy}
built a chicken coop from a kit,
expanded it,
learned all about chicks and chickens,
transferred our babies from the shower
to the garage,
to the yard,
and now....

taa-daah!  Eggs!

I'm so proud of the girls!

To celebrate, I'm sharing

a free 8x10 Eggcellent kitchen printable 

with you in the link below!

Wildly Original #163 link party


Minions have us captivated right now...

DIY Minions Party Ideas by DIY Inspired

Let's take a look at a few more great projects
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Wildly Original #160 link party

Welcome, Friends!

Hope you're having a fabulous week.

It's time to PARTY!

I'm on week two of my vacation,
so look for extra features at next week's party.

In the meantime, show us what you're up to!

Wildly Original #159 link party

Welcome Everyone!

So glad you are here for the
Wildly Original link party!

I'm taking a little vacation, so in lieu of
features we'll just jump straight to the party!