Wildly Original link party 100 !!


Yahoo! That's how many times
we have partied here with a
Wildly Original Crowd
at I Gotta Create!

Let's celebrate with some features
from the party:

Easy Creamy Yummy Healthy Bean Dip Recipe

Easy, creamy, healthy bean dip! | lower calorie recipe at I Gotta Create!

I'll give you a second to guess
what the secret ingredient is in my 
Easy Creamy Yummy Healthy Bean Dip
that saves calories
and yet makes it soooooo good.

It may be a little unconventional

but here it goes:
cottage cheese.

I wouldn't steer you wrong.
After all,
I told you the REAL scoop on those
great-looking {but are they?}

So here's my 

Easy Creamy Yummy Healthy Bean Dip Recipe

Wildly Original link party #99


Better late than never.
It's time to party!

Love these Carrot Garden Cupcakes by Sweet Pennies from Heaven


this beautiful Chocolate Butterfly Cake by
The Pin Junkie

Show us what you're up to this week:

It's CATURDAY! Free Printable Banner

I love #caturday! Grab this free printable banner at I Gotta Create!

free Caturday printable banner link below

Those of us who have pets
appreciate what an important
part of the family they are.

If you want a great laugh
and some fuzzy feel-good fun,
you've gotta visit Caturday
on google plus!

Stamped Nest Housewarming Gift

Make a great housewarming gift or beautiful spring decor with stamps | visit I Gotta Create!

You don't have to be a
painter or illustrator to make
beautiful artwork. 

Use rubber stamps to create home decor,
cards or gifts.

This nest is an example of simple,
stamped art you can personalize yourself
and give as a housewarming gift,

Wildly Original link party #98


It's that time of week to see what all you
Wildly Original creative folks are up to!

There were so many great projects last week. 
Since I've never featured "great tips" posts,
here are a few to check out
from last week's party:

Spring Nest Color Palette & Designer Paper

Oh the many beautiful shades of Spring!

Spring nest inspires a pretty color palette and designer digital paper #printables | Grab it at I Gotta Create!

A Spring Nest project (posted here)
inspired this color chip palette
Match some paint, fabric or paper to this
palette to freshen up your surroundings
after a long winter.

If you'd like a couple of 

designer digital papers

based on this color palette, I provide a link below.

Wildly Original link party #97

Welcome to all you Wildly Original crafters, decorators, DIYers and chefs!

Take a look at these
beautiful projects inspired by Nature!
Rustic Succulent Wreath by Soho Sonnet Creative Living
Hand Painted Elements by Atop Serenity Hill 
Tree Branch Alphabet Art by Bliss Ranch
Hand Painted Tree Bark Lampshade by Thoughts from Alice

Stop by their blogs and tell them what you think of these lovely creations.

Now, we're ready to see your talent and creativity.

Link up and show us what you're up to!