Watermelon Cucumber Refreshing Sipper

 You know how cleaning out your
refrigerator can lead to 
using up the items in a fresh new way?

Well, today I'm sharing one of those
times that resulted in a new creative concoction!

When you slice up a watermelon
there is a lot of pink near the rind
that sometimes can go to waste.

Once you try this refreshing little sipper
you'll never waste that part again!

I call it my

Watermelon Cucumber Refreshing Sipper

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Summer is almost over
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the season of the
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So I've made something special for you.

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Back to School FREE Printable

Are you ready for an

I thought so!  Celebrate with this happy

Back-to-School Printable!

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This fun, colorful printable looks great
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Free Retro Kitchen Printable

What would a cross between
Julia Child and June Cleaver
look like?

If you are afraid of butter, use cream! #juliachild #kitchen #printable | Free from I Gotta Create

How about this 

fun, free retro kitchen printable ?!

I call my original, vintage chef silhouette 

June Clever

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Wildly Original link party #116

Party Time!!!

Welcome to this week's party
featuring wildly original crafts, recipes, DIY projects and more!

You've seen mosaic tiles.
Well, check out:

How to make Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

How to make cold brew coffee concentrate for iced coffees - the secret to non-bitter iced coffee! | visit I Gotta Create!

Making iced coffee is an art
you can master at home
with a simple trick
to keep your perfect mix
from being bitter or becoming diluted.

The trick is cold brewing. 
It is a must for iced coffee.

I discovered this secret over at
a couple of years ago, and if you
want an iced coffee that will make you
fat and happy, check out her recipe.

But I use my coffee concentrate for many things,
including my totally decadent
and my
Slim Iced Mocha Frappe.

So let's get down to basics
sans fancy recipes
and just focus on ~

How to make
Iced Coffee Concentrate
at home: