#1 All-Time Reader's Choice Favorite

Welcome to 2013!

If you saw my Best of 2012
there was one project missing. 

It's the Number One All-Time 
Reader's Choice Favorite 

And I, too, am quite partial to the

You'll be ready for Valentine's Day
Mother's Day
Oscars Party

you name the occasion...
this fun and beautiful project packs a lot of punch!
{you'll get the joke when you check out the tutorial ;) }

And the Tinfoil Rose 
never withers.

You can check out the Tinfoil Rose Tutorial *here*

and send a special delivery with
my love stamps here.

Also check out the Best of 2012
featuring just some of the cutest, creative, 
original projects 
here at I Gotta Create! 

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I want to thank my 
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Pieced Pastimes said...

I can see why this was the favorite. I love this 'Tinfoil Rose'. It is such a pretty way to use something as simple as tinfoil. Thanks for sharing.