Happy Earth Day

Just a quick greeting
to the Mother
that sustains us all!

May you enjoy her beauty
and bounty today.

Follow my celebration of nature:
100 Days of Things That Fly
project on Instagram

Rubber stamps used: 
Paper Inspirations “World Map,” 
Tin Can Mail (face), 
Inkadinkado (small wings)

100 Days Project

Are any of you taking part
in the 100 Days Project?

It's simple.
Choose an action and stick with it
for 100 days.

Ok, that's not always so simple as it sounds!

I invite you to pull up a chair and 
cheer me on. I can use the support!
Watch my 100 Days project over on Instagram.
100 Days of Things that Fly | art by I Gotta Create

I will be making some kind of art
related to that theme
every. single. day.

In this example, I created monarchs, 
the caterpillar and the milkweed that 
Monarchs feed on.  I drew a chair, 
made a pattern from the monarchs and milkweed, and put it on the chair.

I will not be able to be this
fancy every single day.
But I will strive to post something
related to my theme every day.

The idea is to
"do it for the process."
Show up every day and see what you learn.
Some days might not be perfect,
but do what you can.

So, pull up a chair and come
help me do this thing with your support and encouragement!

And if you're doing your own 100 Days Project, please let me know!