Snowman Jar Candle Tutorial

Warm Frosty up this winter!
These little dollar store jar candles get a facelift to make perfect stocking stuffers
and festive winter party decor.

Here's how to make Frosty Snowmen
from dollar store candles...

Start with plain white jar candles like these:
{remove the labels, of course}

We're going to detail Frosty in with Enamel acrylic paints. 

This paint becomes permanent on glass.

I recommend purchasing just red, yellow, blue, white and black.

You can always mix your own custom colors from those five hues.

Carefully pry the plastic ring off the jar lid with a small screwdriver. 
If you slide the screwdriver under and around the plastic, you will be able to remove it without damage. 

Because the candle jar lid gets the most wear and tear, we are going to bake the enamel paint onto it...
 which is why you want to remove the plastic ring.

Paint the jar lid black for Frosty's hat.

To embellish the hat, paint on some holly.

And here's a foolproof tip for the little berries:

 Dip the other end of the paintbrush in the paint. It will make a perfect dot!

Follow the instructions on your Enamel paint for baking the jar lid.

For Frosty's body, we will allow the paint to air dry. The paint fully cures and becomes permanent in 21 days.
Look at that cute carrot nose!  Mix orange color from your red and yellow paint.


This is so simple. You don't have to worry about being exact... you want each Snowperson to have character! Paint on stick arms in various positions.

Use the Dot Trick for making your buttons.

Now, snap the plastic ring back onto the lid and put Frosty's hat on!

Wrap him or her up for gift-giving... 
I had to stick a tinfoil snowflake in there. You can see more about that *here.*

Cute, cute, cute!
 That's how to make Dollar store Snowman Candles

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Donene said...

Those little snowmen are adorable! thanks for your visit and nice comments.

Monsterscircus said...

So wonderful Christina! Love your snowmens, and they are so cute in tulle and cotton, thank for sharing a cute and fun idea!