31 Days of Gratitude: Simple Morning Pleasures

It's my ritual for starting the day.

Two strong cups of tea...
so I can add {soy} milk & {agave} sweetener.

A gentle wake-up call, not too jangly on the nerves...
                    ...warm and cozy and soothing.

You probably have your morning ritual for starting the day well...
                       Don't you?

Being mindful of our mission for 31 Days of Gratitude, 
this morning is different. 

As I make my preparations, I marvel at the ease with which 
I can partake of this simple pleasure.

I am grateful for the tap from which clean water flows at my touch.

I am thankful for the hands that cultivated the fragrant tea, and all the careers along the way that brought it here, 
steeping in my cup.

I admire the artist's skill that created the cup I hold...

and I treasure the thoughtfulness and love with which my husband purchased it for me.

I suddenly realize the list of things making this cup of tea possible 
is simply too long to name.

And this humbles me and fills me with gratitude.

So much abundance in a simple cup of tea.

Share a Comment: Tell us about your simple pleasures or rituals and why they make you grateful. Name it, own it...and you'll feel it uplift you even more.

How deeply might your life be enriched 
after practicing 31 Days of Gratitude? 
Join me and find out for yourself.

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Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

How lovely! I'm an early riser. I almost never miss a sunrise out on my deck, even in foul weather. I appreciate every one.

Kei said...

Another lovely post! My morning ritual is very much filled with tea too, as well as cuddling cats! (If the bedroom door is open, my awakening is undoubtedly via purring feline!) :) Always grateful for the presence of the cats, they are wonderful companions and perfect for cuddling! And tea, tea is the cure-all in my mind (stereotypical Brit talking here lol)

Magpie Polly said...

An attitude of gratitude...so important - Thank You, Christina. It's so nice to connect with like-minded people. My breathing mantra of late has been - Inhale the blessings, exhale the gratitude!

Kimberly said...

I love hot tea too. And I love to hold the cup in my hands. There is something about it that comforts me. :) Thanks for sharing some really things I can think about as I drink tea too.