31 Days of Gratitude: Laughter & Play

It's one of the most cleansing tonics known to humans:
A good belly laugh!

Being playful, flexible, and good-humored is excellent for body, mind and spirit. 
It builds strong bonds with friends and loved ones.

Pay attention to children, pets, and nature: 
humor and playfulness abound there.

If you've had a stressful day,
here are three antidotes:

(1) Take a moment for yourself to just breathe
a few deep breaths.
(2) Get centered in your body 
by noticing the sensations there,
Or move your body ~ dance, walk, or exercise!
(3) Laugh! Connect with a friend, turn on a comedy, poke fun at the situation, or get out your joke book. 

Laugh, chuckle, chortle, 
guffaw, giggle, grin, snicker, 
snort, whoop, roar, and 
roll on the floor lmao...

The best medicine is to shift into humor to unload some stress. Otherwise, you may find yourself shoveling up complaints, digging yourself a deeper hole. 

When you've accessed some humor, 
your perspective will become flexible and relaxed
which means you will be able to process your situation productively.

It is a real art to be able to laugh good naturedly at yourself.

And if the situation is too grim, or you're feeling too stuck, *click here* for some words that might help.


I am grateful for the gift of laughter, which cleanses body, mind and spirit.

I am thankful for humor, from the smallest nuanced moments, to the rip-roaring, belly-laugh whoppers.

I am willing to allow my playful side to enlighten all aspects of my day and being.

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