31 Days of Gratitude: Friends

You can laugh together,
cry together,
share your deepest secrets, worries or fears,
find comfort together,
prod each other to your growing edges,
and through it all you'll find Love 
is the constant thread.

You choose them.

They choose you back.


If they are of the closest kind,
They will shoot straight with you
Even while not judging you
And it helps you stay strong and true.
And you do the same for them.

There are those cherished ones who, 
despite busy lives
and not talking or hanging out for weeks or months,
pick up the conversation just
as if you spoke yesterday.

It does indeed seem that
it is easier for Friends
to truly See one another
getting in the way.



To each one of you:

I am grateful for each and every soul I call Friend.

I cherish your uniqueness, what you bring to this world, and how you are constantly growing and bringing beauty to light.

I am grateful to be a part of your life.

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