31 Days of Gratitude: Rapport

There is a difference between Looking and Seeing.

If you want a powerful key 
that will unlock the Mystery
that turns Looking into Seeing
consider this....

First, explore practices for 
Looking more clearly, such as:

Noticing your reactions to what/whom you're viewing
Stoking the power of your Curiosity...

Then bring your focus
to the Key of Rapport.

Rapport is being in relationship or harmony with another.

Here is an exercise 
for building Rapport 
and the ability to "put yourself in another person's shoes":

when you look at something or someone,
allow your focus to zoom in and absorb the shape, texture, sound, color, words, mannerisms,
as if you had never seen them before...
as if you were going to have to faithfully mimic it.

Try to adopt the posture and expression and gestures 
so completely
that you begin to sense the feelings,
and energy that is coursing through
whatever or whomever you're observing.

You may be shocked 
at the richness and depth of information you absorb.

And you will remember it is no wonder 
humans and animals learn so much through play. 
For this exercise in Rapport shares a likeness with 
'playing pretend' when you were a child. 
You've rediscovered a powerful key 
for absorbing data so rich and complex and nuanced that
it can never be adequately described, 
yet is known fully by the heart.


I am grateful for creative modes of learning that allow me to access the fullness of my humanity.

I am thankful for the insight that can come from being in rapport with another.

I am grateful for the flexibility in perspective-taking that this practice can build.

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