31 Days. Make Space for Gratitude: Breathe.

Do you notice the joy in small things?

The crispness in the Fall air, the certain deep shade of sky blue, the sound of a bird, your pet coming to greet you, a hug from your child or loved one...

If you aren't noticing these things,

     if you're feeling irritable or rushed...
               it's time for a break.  

That sounds counter-intuitive when you're busy with too much to do, but it is the guaranteed cure.

It's the only way out.  Please come with me.

I'm talking just five minutes.

Set the timer. And for five minutes you are going to close your eyes and just breathe. Deeply. Slowly. Notice:

How does the air coming into your nose feel?
Do your shoulders, chest, and / or belly move?
What is the sensation of air coming out of your nose feel like?

No forcing or changing the breath --just allow yourself to breathe several breaths.

Breathe normal and just notice the sensations. Give yourself the space to just BE.

It's not much...the timer will draw you back, so let go for the five minutes.  You are giving yourself permission to allow a little space into your life.

It is tiny, but it is enough. It is a start. It is the seed from which all joy, creativity, vitality, and abundance will flourish.

You are worth it. The world around you is worth it.

If you feel annoyed or want to give up before the five minutes, acknowledge that part of you and tell it you will be with it in just a few moments.

Right now, you have something more important to attend to.

The deepest part of who you are is unfolding in this moment.

I am thankful for the stillness that arrives 
through the simple act of focusing on the breath. 

I am grateful for creating the space 
that invites a moment of peace. 

I am grateful and allow that seed of peace into my day.

I am grateful for the breath of life.

Thank you for practicing with me. I needed that.

How deeply might your life be enriched 
after practicing 31 Days of Gratitude? 
Join me and find out for yourself.


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