31 Days of Gratitude: Tuning In to Station Y.O.U.

There is a universe of wisdom within you. Waiting to be tapped. Waiting to unfold. 

Do you tune in? 

Or is it hard for you to find that station
                                       amid the noise and alluring distractions

Nobody else can bring the creativity, the experience, the perspective, the presence
that you can bring to our world.

Anyone can be an empty echo chamber of someone else's "station."

But that leaves a big empty seat 
where your life is not being honored
or lived.

Take your seat. Tune in within. 
Discover and allow to unfold the beauty, grace and wisdom
that you have to share with the world.

Thank you. 
I needed that.
You need that.
We all do.


I am grateful for the gift of living.

I recognize that nobody else can see, hear, think, feel, experience ~or even embrace my loved ones~ for me.

I am grateful for the ability to discern when I am truly tuned in to my own thoughts, feelings, experiences and life.

 I am willing to tune in and take my seat at the table of my life.

How deeply might your life be enriched  
after practicing 31 Days of Gratitude?  

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