31 Days: Gratitude for our Pets

They're soft, sometimes cuddly, always eager to greet us, ever open to play, and loyal, loving companions.

Our pets.

Even science tells us the positive effect they have on our health.

If you've had a great day, their greeting makes it even better.
If you've had a bummer of a day, they can cajole you into better spirits...
or just lovingly cozy up to you.

I love greeting, petting, and lavishing praises on them every morning. Then pouring their bowl of food while my water is boiling for tea.

I love when they snuggle next to me when typing away on my computer or while watching a movie.

I love how they show wild pleasure at being out in the yard together ~ dashing about, chasing leaves, running up trees.

I love giving them affection before going to bed at night.

I am grateful for the positive flow of feelings generated in the interaction between me and my pets.

I'm thankful for the small but significant responsibility of caring for these little bundles of fur!

How deeply might your life be enriched  
after practicing 31 Days of Gratitude?  

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I want to hear about your pets and what brings YOU joy:
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