31 Days: Gratitude for Blogging

Blogging has increased my appreciation of and connection to my world. 

And I'm not talking about the social media world....

I'm talking about my world.  

I notice the beauty around me so much more. I notice details

I notice how things connect and fit and flow
I feel so much more present and alive just through this process 
of expressing my creativity.

I love the process of making things...
the excitement of generating ideas ~ "imagineering"! 
...the joy of carrying out that idea! 

I love how the creative right brain and logical left brain 
as I must be attuned to breaking down each step along the way to explain a project in an article or post.

I LoVe taking photos as part of the creative process. 
Photography and formatting for the blog can be more time consuming than making the projects, but the result is highly satisfying to me. 

Bringing it all together weaves a symphony of the creative and logical sides of my brain in an oh-so-satisfying way!

Sharing it with YOU, making connections, and hearing your feedback is icing on the cake!

Of course, maintaining a balance with blogging is also really important in order to be present in all areas of your life. Some weeks I do better than others. How about you?


I am grateful for the opportunity blogging gives me to use both my creative and logical-linear capacities.

I am thankful that in using my talents and gifts, my appreciation for the beauty around me grows.

I'm grateful for the feedback, friendship and encouragement you give me.

How deeply might your life be enriched  
after practicing 31 Days of Gratitude?  

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