Halloween Costume Parade!

Oh My! From adorable to ghoulish to stylish, here are 8 trick-or-treaters knocking on your door:

Cutest little Ms. Piggy ever! by While Wearing Heels.

What's all the Buzzzz about? You, cutie!  By Creatively Southern. Lots of Halloween Party ideas there, too!

Did you know there's a Candy Corn Fairy? So Sweeet! By Navy Wifey Peters.
Zowie! Look at that Zombie!  Capturing Memories shows you how to make cheap and easy Zombie Flesh.

She wants to be Edward's Girl. By Katalina Jewelry. Stylin'!!

The Grim Reaper takes a Skeleton to the Bash. By Creative Lady of the House.

This trick-or-treater came down the chimney! Oh My!

While you're at it, why not costume your photos at home? The Masquerade by Quirky Vistas.

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