A Girl And Her Glue Gun

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It's probably my Number One tool: The Hot Glue Gun.
With all the projects and tutorials I've written here, I thought I'd mention this indispensable tool! Mine is a mini --super easy to handle and maneuver with my small hands. You plug it in, wait a few seconds, load it with a solid glue stick, and when you pull the trigger, out flows a lovely bead of glue that bonds like crazy and dries in seconds!

It was incredibly cheep {a couple of bucks}, and so are the glue sticks. Especially when you get them on sale. What's not to LOVE about this cool {hot} tool?

Gluing the petals from Tinfoil ROSE Tutorial!

Oh yah, the burns. I use a low-heat glue gun. That's all I've ever needed, and the safety factor is higher: you get to keep your fingerprints! Don't' get me wrong, it will still burn you. They melt glue at around 250 degrees, after all. But high heat hot glue guns are significantly hotter.

Tinfoil Rickrack Tutorial - Snowflakes adorn CARDS and PACKAGES

The glue has great staying power, bonds pretty immediately, and cools to the touch fairly quickly. They've got glitter glue sticks and all kinds of fancy things out now. I haven't used those. But I use my regular glue sticks on just about everything: fabric, metal, paper, cardboard, aluminum foil, etc.!

On Pins & Needles: pincushion with magnetized can

CAUTIONS: Do NOT touch the nozzle - that sucker gets hot! Do not touch freshly applied glue: it's hot, too. Do not leave unattended. Do not allow children to use. Final point: the gun will drip just a little even when you're not pulling the trigger. You may want to put something under it to catch any drips. I use an old small plate {you may have seen it in tutorial photos}.

Q: What's one of YOUR favorite tools?

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Honey I'm Home Blog said...

I have to say I love my glue gun too. I do have the hot kind & it is amazing that I still have my fingerprints. {I thought that was so funny!} BTW, as a Pixie Dust follower, you are invited to pop over & enter a giveaway for an awesome clock. Good luck & thanks for reading!

Warmly, Michelle

Unknown said...

I use my glue gun all the time and unfortunately I burn my fingers quite often too but it doesn't stop me...LOL! Thanks for sharing!

Judy said...

Hi! Stopping by to check out your blog.....Glad I found you over at Craft-O-Maniac. I'm definitely a glue gun girl! Thanks for sharing!

Christine said...

I use the same kind of glue gun you use... except it's black. hehe I wish I could get a ''girly'' one. hehe

Check out my blog too:

Shiloh said...

I JUST got a glue gun for Christmas, and I'm so excited.:) I've definitely burned my fingers a couple times.:(

Bonnie and Trish @ Uncommon Designs said...

The glue gun would have to be one of my most used craft items! I'm not sure what I would do without it!

Vanessa said...

I love my glue gun too! You can use it for just about everything. I've burned my fingertips so many times that it doesn't bother me anymore. I just shrug it off..lol.

My other favorite tool is my scotch ATG tape gun. I use that thing constantly for all my scrapbooking.

cathy@My1929Charmer said...

I've burned my fingers so much I could commit a crime and get away with it cause I left NO fingerprints. I never really used a glue gun before blogging, but now she's in my back pocket. I have the high heat one, and it hurts like h..l! Thanks for your tips. Thanks for sharing at Sunday's Best with all your inspiration!

Unknown said...

I so need a low heat glue gun!!

XO, Aimee

WhyCuzICan said...

I'd say my low-temp glue gun is at least my second fave tool. First one would be my FINGERS! (I'm a freak for mod podging!)

Nice post!

Thanks for sharing with all of us :)
Visiting from My Romantic Home's linky party.
Smiles from Suzanne in NW Illinois

Ms. Kathleen said...

Fav too - crochet needle!

Mimi said...

The glue gun is definitely my favorite. Nothing like instant gratification when doing a project. My sister loaned me her "scoreboard" which helps you score paper and cardstock into perfectly even lines. I used it over the holidays to make medallions. It's an incredible tool if you do bookmaking and such.

Alison @ Oopsey Daisy said...

Those tinfoil snowflakes are so gorgeous!! I am a huge fan of my glue gun!!

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

I always have my trusty glue gun nearby. I use multitemp. I've upholstered with it many times.

Anonymous said...

I know you said a child cant use it but, my sister is 11 (she behaves like a 14 year old! No joke she is so mature) She can use a stove, boiling water and can sew things by hand. Do you think its ok if she uses a glue gun? Thanks! And if you can give us a recommendation for a good gun, please tell us? Thx