Tinfoil Rickrack Tutorial

We're going to get crazy with tinfoil!  That's right: tinfoil. Aluminum foil. It's the perfect material in all its glittery silver splendor. It's cheap. It's plentiful. It's in your kitchen right now. It's there for you in a pinch, but you'll also want to use it for its own sake. Really. You won't believe what we will be able to do with it.

For example, if you haven't seen the snowflakes on my Paisley Santa Christmas Cards, you must check out the full post here. They almost look like ice crystals! And my latest burlap card garland is a huge hit! It can be found by clicking here.

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But for right now, here's the basic tinfoil tutorial. {Tinfoil Rickrack and "Waffle Cloth" Tutorial!}  I'll unveil all sorts of fun things at the end of this post...

Make #aluminum foil WAFFLE CLOTH | #tinfoil rickrack Tutorial at I Gotta Create!

I promise.

Make #aluminum foil WAFFLE CLOTH | #tinfoil rickrack Tutorial at I Gotta Create!
The only tool you must have is a crimper. It's worth it. You can use it for many types of projects. Get one when they're on sale at your craft store and you'll pay less than 10 bucks. {Get one wide enough for an 8.5x11 sheet of paper. It will make life easier.} 
Make #aluminum foil WAFFLE CLOTH | #tinfoil rickrack Tutorial at I Gotta Create!
The other tool for creating the rickrack: wavy scissors {super cheap}.

Tear off a portion of tinfoil no wider than your crimper. Fold the foil in half {at least}, shiny side out, to give it more substance. Feed it through your crimper.

Here's what it looks like on the first run. 

Make #aluminum foil WAFFLE CLOTH | #tinfoil rickrack Tutorial at I Gotta Create!
Now, feed it through again going the opposite direction. This will create a grid pattern. Do that a couple of times. It will look like this: 
Make #aluminum foil WAFFLE CLOTH | #tinfoil rickrack Tutorial at I Gotta Create!
Now you have a fairly sturdy mesh or "waffle cloth" that you can work with. The thickness of the "cloth" depends on how many times you fold your foil before you start the crimping process. 

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To create your rickrack, just clip with wavy scissors.  
Make #aluminum foil WAFFLE CLOTH | #tinfoil rickrack Tutorial at I Gotta Create!

Notice you can achieve all kinds of patterns depending upon how you crimp the tinfoil. You can vary the width of your rickrack. You can also vary the thickness: for the rickrack, I like folding the tinfoil in thirds before crimping.

Make #aluminum foil WAFFLE CLOTH | #snowflakes at I Gotta Create!
Of course, you can also use punches to create tinfoil embellishments like I did with these snowflakes.  In that case, only fold the tinfoil in half before crimping. You don't want it too thick for the punch. 
And with some punches, the opening is so narrow that you will still have to flatten the foil after you've made it into a mesh. No problem. I just grabbed a jar and 'ironed' it across the mesh to flatten it out. {You will still have a lovely design.}

Make #aluminum foil WAFFLE CLOTH | #snowflakes at I Gotta Create!
Ok...I want to hear and see your ideas for how you might use this rickrack and tinfoil "waffle cloth"! Lots of cute options for holiday cards. What else? 

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