Home Tour: Building Our Dream

Hello! Welcome to our home.
    In my profile I mention we live in a home I designed myself. I was sketching room layouts at age 7! {I think I felt crowded in our little house!} So it seriously was a dream-come-true to be able to design our own home. I love our home, and want to share a few of the details with you. 

We were inspired by several things: the love of the mountains and lodges; bungalows; all things rustic; the craftsman style; nature; and a little bit-o-ranch / farmhouse to boot.  A bit eclectic!

So I drew up everything. Everything. Every room. Every detail. Floor plans, elevations {Do your kids ever ask when they'll use algebra and geometry? I'm SO glad I liked math!}, kitchen and bath custom cabinetry design and measurements, electrical and lighting plan.  

I paired together window designs in unique ways throughout the house.  An architect reviewed everything; an engineer put all the specs to it; and a very thorough inspector watched every step of the way as our various contractors did their parts. Plus, we couldn't have done it all without the help of key family members. {--You know who you are and we love you!}  

We picked all finishes, fixtures, lighting, and appliances. We laid all the slate, tile and hardwood floors. We rolled and brushed on all the painting inside and out. 

We did all the woodwork (cutting, sanding, staining, varnishing)--and I mean all: the window trim, doors, baseboards, fireplace surround. My hubby even made our railing out of a felled tree on the property.   

I love the flow of our home, the colors, the finishes, the hardware. However, there are a few things we haven't finished from the build. Still. A decade later. EgadsProbably because it really was grueling work. With full-time jobs, we'd both come home to another more-than-full-time job in the evening. For ten months. 

So we still have some projects to finish: 
1.) Finish the see-through fireplace on both sides with mantles.
2.) Settle on a permanent dining room table. {We fell in love with one that had veins of turquoise embedded in the wood - but it was OUT of the question with a $10k price tag. Yet I haven't been able to commit to anything ever since! Still using an old cheapie.}
3.) Organize my studio. No pictures allowed at the moment - WAY too embarrassing!

Oh there is so much more to share with you! Like...what I had to do when the budget wouldn't allow for the gorgeous wood front door I wanted. 

And my kitchen cabinets --LOVE! You catch a little glimpse of them in my Snarky Thanksgiving Apron post.  
I'll be sharing more of my home...Stay tuned.

Q: What do you love about YOUR home?

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Rosemary@villabarnes said...

I love the railing. Your hubby did an awesome job there.

Ruby Jean said...

Oh My!!!! That is Amazing!!!!! I love your Sweet Little Deer by the fireplace ... So Cute!!!!

Susan said...

I'll bet you could come up with a faux version of the table. You're creative that way!

As for my favorite part of my home--everything. I just remodeled my master bedroom/bathroom this fall and love it! And I'm lucky enough to have a four seasons room and a sunroom. I spend a lot of time in them from about March through November!

Audrey said...

Looks like your hard work paid off. Beautiful features. Love the hand rail, fireplaces and the deer is so cute there. Everything looks so special.
Audrey Z. Timeless Treasures

Unknown said...

What a wonderful opportunity to plan your own home! It looks beautiful. I love the wood and the rustic iron elements too!

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh WOW, your home is totally amazing and so filled with creativity and inspiration!!!! xo Cindy

Kim said...

I looove what I have seen so far! Wow, it's like you went in side my head and knew what I liked even though I didn't know it, lol! Please show more!

Lucy Moseley said...

Ooo that fireplace looks nice! I hope you enjoy using it lots!

Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

Amazing! Your hubby did wonders on your handrail - so unique!

Kim @ Too Much Time said...

The details are wonderful. That handrail is just fab!I would love for you to come link up at my party going on now through Sunday night!

the decorating chica said...

Beautiful home, wow can't imagine designing a home from the ground up. You've got guts!

Shanee said...

Beautiful! Can't wait to tour more. My hubby and I built our house 13 yrs ago (it was 9 long months, with a 1 yr old and a 7yr old and 2 jobs, what were we thinking?). There are still many things we ah hem...haven't gotten to:) I feel your pain! Good luck with your to do list :)

{northern cottage} said...

how very cozy and lovely! so glad I could come by & see your space!


Tisha said...

I love how cozy everything feels. you can tell you really put your heart into your home. Great job!!

Unknown said...

That is fantastic! I am so impressed that you designed the whole thing and you and your husband did so much work to it! Thanks for sharing!

Jill said...

How awesome to be able to totally design your own home. So special - and from the pictures it looks incredible! Good for you!

Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
Hope you have a fabulous week!
Jill @ Creating my way to Success

Alison @ Oopsey Daisy said...

Wow. Your home is rustic and beautiful! I'm so impressed that you planned out every single detail! I need some of your designing talents! Thanks for sharing!

camp and cottage living said...

It's obvious your home was built with a lot of thought! I too, love the railing-it would look great in my cabin!!
I spent many summer going to Mt. Rainer, as my brother lives in Tacoma, WA. It's been 40 yrs now since I've been there.
I'm so glad I found you!

Jeanine Byers said...

Oh my gosh, this is exactly my style and I am totally in love with your house!! LOVE all things rustic.

You did a fantastic job!

I say, save up for the dining room table you want. It sounds wonderful!

Followed you here from Marissa's linkup.


Anonymous said...

You are doing a fabulous job in there, it looks beautiful! I liked the log railing too, very unique!

karen@somewhatquirky said...

That railing is gorgeous. I would love holding on to that every time I walked down the stairs. I also drew up house plans at age 7! I always made space for a baby grand piano. I so wish I lived in a house I had designed and built!