Leprechaun Kisses: An Irish Fairy Tale

A walk in the woods revealed that March has truly arrived. There, sitting on a tree stump, a sweet treat had been arranged by little leprechauns!

I gathered up the Giant Kisses and continued on my walk only to discover other little playful hints of leprechaun activity. 

 Hmmm....what fun mischief is this?!  {click to see more}

...clearly someone had been making all the party fixins for an Irish holiday. That's no blarney!

I took my haul home and what greeted me there? ...another surprise: Leprechaun Kisses and lucky charms were arranged into a garland. 

I set up the party hats and poured myself a green Shamrock Dew {just a tad of food coloring will snazzy up Mountain Dew for the holiday}. As I pondered this lucky series of events, I couldn't help but wonder...

...Should I peek inside those kisses?  Doh! I couldn't help myself.  I had to open just one before St. Patty's Day....

Pinch me, I must be dreaming! Contents from the pot of gold were inside. What a fun Irish twist to this little party. {There's a link in the Tinfoil Series below that will show you how to make these giant Kisses!}

~The End~

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