Bunny Bean Peat Pot Baskets

These adorable little bunny "peat pot" baskets are the perfect organic welcome to Spring!    

Here's how you make Bunny Bean Peat Pot baskets:  Just begin with a basic starter pot.

 Choose an array of beans and rice, and use your trusty ol' hot glue gun to begin adhering them to the pot. It's so simple you don't even need to draw a design. Just start by spreading the glue in an oval to make the round face...

Then roll that portion of the pot into a heap of rice so that it sticks. You can then press and move it around a bit with your fingers, taking care to touch only the 'lump' of rice and not the glue underneath.

Build one ear and then the other in the same manner. Then fill in the rest of the pot using the same technique. Be sure to work in small patches to glue beans around the design. You can see that I used green split peas, black beans, adzuki beans, and rice. Finish the eyes, nose and whiskers {a bit of unravelled twine} very last.

Here I created a simple heart design with black beans.

To fit with the Easter Basket theme, add a handle to the peat pots. Simply use a paper punch to put holes in the pot. Then take a bit of wire from a hanger or your jewelry kit and thread it through. 

Finish off the top portion of the wire by wrapping it with twine to maintain that organic look. Hot glue secures the twine.

The organic baskets take on a whole new level of charm when you plant them with spring flowers. I love pansies and violas in the early spring! You can see more *here.*

Once I started, I couldn't stop!  I used smaller square starter pots to express the Joy of Spring.

 Fun decor for the season...

They look great indoors on the window sill. I ended up putting a little plastic lid underneath when it was time to water.

But as a 'science experiment' of sorts, I'll be interested to see what happens to the ones I leave outside...

In the meantime, we have some beautiful signs of Spring to enjoy.

Lovely and calorie-free!

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