What moves YOU to create?

     I just gotta say: I'm loving the 31-Day series over at Funky Junk Interiors. I'm fascinated by what moves people to create. You'll see a lot about that in Donna's posts. Along with gorgeous photos and amazing work.
     Donna is sharing her personal journey of flipping one's blog passion into a business. And she lays on some truth about, for example, the beauty of blog photos versus {ehem} the photo shoot mess lying just beyond the camera's view.  Who says the creative process isn't messy sometimes? {Okay... most times!}
     You never know which original idea--large or small--is going to POP and TAKE OFF!  It could be the one you least expect. But that's why I love Donna's nudge to push your ideas just a little further and above all, strive to make your project amazing in your OWN mind. The beauty of this is: no matter what happens, you can't lose. You win the satisfaction of your own joy in creating AND you build your originality muscle at the same time. The bonus: when something does launch, you're ready for the ride because you've been flexing that muscle and all you gotta do is just keep being YOU!
     Donna is teaching by example. I think that ultimately gives wings to what you're doing, taking you places you wouldn't have imagined. So I say, enjoy the journey and keep creating!  
Thanks for inspiring me, Donna!

photos from my wanderings and ramblings with hubby.  

Update:  Two things that TOOK OFF for me this year were:

Just goes to show...you never know!

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