Bewitching Craft Stars {features}!

     Happy Halloween!       Are you ready for some trick-or-treaters? It's time for the Halloween Parade from the Bewitching Craft linky party. Be ready to be dazzled.
     The votes are in and The House Undone leads our parade with two projects by Shellie and Ashlie. Let's break you in gently with this gorgeous pumpkin display:

And they must've raided the catacombs for this goulish trick or treat display

Lori over at Choux-Choux created the 13 Days To Halloween Countdown complete with glass magnets and the CUTEST little storage box for the magnets. Pop over to see the complete ensemble. 

I am absolutely smitten with these striking pumpkin lanterns made by Janny over at Que Linda! Simply elegant artistry. Go check out her tutorial. {Didn’t she do a gorgeous job with the photo, too?}

Ahhh, here comes the cutest little costume quartet with all the right Halloween characters!  Find out how Kaysi over at Keeping It Simple constructed this bunch of sweet door greeters!

You’ll laugh, shiver, grumble and be surprised right along with these whispy, whimsical ghost lights that Cheryl conjured up over at That’s What {Che} Said! Go see a close-up of the mustache guy and the grumpy ghost for a good chuckle cackle.

As a nature lover, the creativity of THIS project took my breath away!!! These pinecones and twigs truly look like spiders dangling from their threads. I want these for my house! With a blog name as creative as the project, you won’t want to miss Leah at Zombies Wearing Helmets. {and see how her cat interacts with the spiders!}

Can you believe this convincing cemetery fence was created with PVC pipe, a strip of hardboard, and foam board? It will front a Halloween Graveyard over at Pricilla’s place: Thrifty, Crafty Girl. She’s doing a full reveal on Halloween, so check out how she did it, and then hit her home button on the 31st!

You’ve gotta go knock on Jessa’s door over at Sparkle Pants Girl to see the full glittery glory of the bats swarming this tree. They’re so sparkly sweet you’ll be batty for them without being scared!

Light the candles… the parade is not over quite yet!  And even when the evening’s done, you’ll still see lasting glow-in-the-dark ghosts from the paint Trish and Bonnie used over at Uncommon. See how they did it!

We’re getting toward the end and need to find a place to park the broomsticks. Oh wait! Here’s reserved parking just for us. Bethany over at A Fish Who Likes Flowers used her cordless power drill to whip up this sign. How convenient!

Artists, you are a STAR at I Gotta Create!, so grab your feature button. Button/code is located at the bottom of the website.

Thank you everyone who linked up to my inaugural party. It was so much fun for me to see and share your fabulous artistry. And really, there are so many more great characters to see, I encourage you to stop by the original party here and check out all the eye candy!

Happiest of Halloweens to each and every one of you!

Keep Creating,

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a final mini march of paraders....
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Bethany @ A Fish Who Likes Flowers said...

Yay! So many creative projects! Thanks for featuring my witch broom parking sign!

Kaysi @ Keeping it Simple said...

Thanks for the sweet words and feature!!

Shellie and Ashlie said...

Thank you so much for featuring The House Undone!

Andrea @Oasis Accents said...

Wow! Thanks so much for featuring my haunted house frame. I haven't forgotten about the Versatile Blogger Award. I promise to get it done SOON. =)

Andrea @Oasis Accents said...

Wow, only took me 5 hours to get that done. Thank you so much, here is the link...

Lori said...

Wonderful projects! Thank you for featuring my Halloween Countdown!