Guess What's In My Silverware Drawer!

The challenge was tossed down: Stretch your imagination! Choose some object, walk around the house with it, then put it to work in a way you've never seen done before.

With very limited time this weekend, I wracked my brain for some simple but effective twist on the everyday objects around me. Inspiration suddenly struck!

Everyone has silverware and kitchen utensils. How could I use these everyday object and see them in a new way?

And during this season, pumpkins are in abundant supply....

My goal was to combine these items in a funky new way...

Yes...yes.... it's taking shape. What do we have here?

Oh, now if that doesn't make you laugh, then you need a closer look at this little geezer's anatomy!

And I neglected to mention: that's mustard on the end of the funnel to create the yellow beak!

This turkey says, "Eat more pumpkin!"  

Thank you Donna over at Funky Junk for challenging us to be brave, take charge and do something different.

Rustic Gourds, Pumpkin and Squash clip art by I Gotta Create!

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