Burlap Movie Poster Halloween Garland

If you're crazy about burlap and old scary movies like me, check this out. Combine those loves to make spooky Halloween ornaments from movie posters or book covers. As you will see, they're perfect for garlands, wreaths or your Halloween tree. What's more, they're reversible...

This year, I'm displaying the Burlap Movie Poster Halloween Ornaments as a garland.  Here's a sneak peek.

Last year, I used them on my Halloween Tree. You can see lots of great photos *here.*

These burlap ornaments are a Frightful Flashback from last Fall. 

If you want the full tutorial just *click here* for everything you need to make Burlap Movie Poster Halloween Ornaments.

Of course, when we're watching scary movies, we love to serve up popcorn in a fun style!

If not popcorn, we eat Gorp while watching movies. What do you munch on?

Oh that's creepy!! The poster is from House on Haunted Hill with Vincent Price. 

You can find more Halloween Ornament inspiration *here.*  AND, if you want to see the reverse side for Thanksgiving, *click here.*

What favorite scary movies will you be tuning into this season?

Look closely at what's grasping the burlap ornaments. That's my next tricky treat: 

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