Creative Storage Solutions: Spring Fling Artists + New Party Link!

If you need great storage solutions, check out these 6 amazing examples for inspiration:

Card Catalogue Jewelry Storage by Pondered, Primed, Perfected. You gotta check out her painting technique on this!

Route 66 Cabinet by Bliss Ranch. Go see who she copy-catted. Great job!

Formula Container to Coffee Canister by Serendipity and Spice. Great repurposing! {--don't throw away that plastic: R3 with Love!}

Creative Space Storage Projects by Mary's Meanderings. Musical drawers :)

Badge Tags for craft stamp storage by Craft Junkie Too. Genius idea for labeling your storage.

China Cabinet Tutorial by Our Pinteresting Family. The whole thing cost $140-- including the cabinet.  

Artists, thanks for linking up at the Spring Fling linky party! I also featured more talent on Facebook {Eclectically Vintage, My Hearts Desire, Crazy about Crafts, Petites Passions, The Old Block House} and Pinterest {Timeless Treasures, Northshore Days}!    Wherever you're featured, y'all are STARS here at I Gotta Create! You're the first to get the new Feature Button! Grab the code on the sidebar <3
Link up here for Week 2 of Spring Fling:

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