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Here are three simple basics for unlocking your blog and making it more accessible to readers, followers and party hosts.

1.) Put your name on your blog. 
Hi! My name is... It's surprising how many people forget to do this. You think it's on there--but are you sure? Examine your pages, sidebars, and posts. Is your name easy to spot? Put it in several places. Sign out of your blog and view it from the "outside." Make a contact page, or an "about this blog" page. Is your name there and are there ways to reach you? Try it. Make sure it works.

2.) Turn off Word Verification.
You really don't need word verification on your comment section. It discourages people from interacting with you because it's an extra step, and it really adds up time-wise. Besides: Blogger has done a superb job of keeping out spam. {In Blogger, go to your "settings" and in the comment tab click 'no' where it asks: 'show word verification for comments.' If you don't see this option, you'll have to switch to the old interface by clicking that little gear thingy--you can switch back when you're done.}

3.) Upload photos that are large enough.  
Photos smaller than 300 pixels wide are not compelling. When featured, small photos don't attract attention like the larger ones do. There's so much more to photos, but a minimum starting point: pay attention to size. On the other end, too large makes your page load more slowly. For the most part, I set mine at 600 wide. {Note: Party hosts can't display your photos larger than what you upload because they become pixelated and blurry.}

Make it a resolution to give readers the keys to come visit you by checking on and fixing these three thingsAs a relative newbie, I learned these three basic tips to improve my blog from personal experience hosting my linky parties, and 'listening' to veteran bloggers {Donna at Funky Junk Interiors and Debbie at Debbiedoos... chief among them}.

There's so much more to say about photos, comments, writing, etiquette, etc. I certainly have much more to learn and improve!

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