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Hello! Welcome to our home.
    In my profile I mention we live in a home I designed myself. I was sketching room layouts at age 7! {I think I felt crowded in our little house!} So it seriously was a dream-come-true to be able to design our own home. I love our home, and want to share a few of the details with you. 

We were inspired by several things: the love of the mountains and lodges; bungalows; all things rustic; the craftsman style; nature; and a little bit-o-ranch / farmhouse to boot.  A bit eclectic!

So I drew up everything. Everything. Every room. Every detail. Floor plans, elevations {Do your kids ever ask when they'll use algebra and geometry? I'm SO glad I liked math!}, kitchen and bath custom cabinetry design and measurements, electrical and lighting plan.  

I paired together window designs in unique ways throughout the house.  An architect reviewed everything; an engineer put all the specs to it; and a very thorough inspector watched every step of the way as our various contractors did their parts. Plus, we couldn't have done it all without the help of key family members. {--You know who you are and we love you!}  

We picked all finishes, fixtures, lighting, and appliances. We laid all the slate, tile and hardwood floors. We rolled and brushed on all the painting inside and out. 

We did all the woodwork (cutting, sanding, staining, varnishing)--and I mean all: the window trim, doors, baseboards, fireplace surround. My hubby even made our railing out of a felled tree on the property.   

I love the flow of our home, the colors, the finishes, the hardware. However, there are a few things we haven't finished from the build. Still. A decade later. EgadsProbably because it really was grueling work. With full-time jobs, we'd both come home to another more-than-full-time job in the evening. For ten months. 

So we still have some projects to finish: 
1.) Finish the see-through fireplace on both sides with mantles.
2.) Settle on a permanent dining room table. {We fell in love with one that had veins of turquoise embedded in the wood - but it was OUT of the question with a $10k price tag. Yet I haven't been able to commit to anything ever since! Still using an old cheapie.}
3.) Organize my studio. No pictures allowed at the moment - WAY too embarrassing!

Oh there is so much more to share with you! Like...what I had to do when the budget wouldn't allow for the gorgeous wood front door I wanted. 

And my kitchen cabinets --LOVE! You catch a little glimpse of them in my Snarky Thanksgiving Apron post.  
I'll be sharing more of my home...Stay tuned.

Q: What do you love about YOUR home?

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