Creative Evolution

I wasn't going to say all this, but I just gotta....

One of the first blogs I ran across that hooked me was Funky Junk Interiors.  I love Donna's style. When she started her 31-day series, I was still very, very new, and didn't even know what this 31-day thing was.  But with her very first post, I related to the dilemma expressed: I have two sides of me, too!  The one that goes to work by day, and the creative dreamer since childhood doing little projects {or designing and building a house!!} wherever and whenever I could fit it in. 

As I read, I found myself catching fire and cheering Donna on.  With every informative and encouraging post, and me in the peanut gallery shouting some encouragement back, something started to click for me about investing more seriously into this aspect of myself. 

But it was Donna's post on Being Original that really lit me up, because it spoke directly to my core.  I love the creative process, whether I am tackling a more left-brained, logical process in my paying job, or working on a 'creative' project. I love learning, stretching, growing...I'm not much of a settler for the status quo... 

Her Gutsy Junk Challenge galvanized me to action.  I commented back, "You're on!!" So now I had to follow through.  What happened was confirming beyond what I could have imagined.  First and foremost, just the fun of walking around my house, thinking, "How could I see that {fill-in-the-blank} differently?" It was amazing and liberating. I highly recommend it! Inspiration struck and that crazy little Silverware Turkey was born. 

It's been trotting across the internet ever since, getting features and registering page views I wouldn't have thought possible.  I didn't realize that my comment to Donna would be applicable so soon:  "You never know which original idea is going to be the one that POPS!"

That exercise got my brain generating ideas galore. I wish I had more time to enact them!  What I am doing is moving into this space more intentionally now.  I now have a sponsor because I repeatedly used and love a product of theirs {June Tailor's colorfast computer printer fabric sheets}.

I'm still struggling with the learning curve on the technology tools. I installed Google Analytics but haven't quite figured it out.  I want to makeover my site and will be thinking about the look and feel I truly want to create. 

And wow, my head is spinning with all the things I've tried to absorb, from advertising to e-books {a major dream of mine has been to write a book!!} and all the rest... Donna's last series post and final question to us was: "What did this series do for you and what changes have you made?" My answer: All of the above and so much more--with additional ideas and plans in the incubator!  And I just had to say it out loud.

So, as we move into the season of Thanksgiving, I just gotta express my gratitude to Donna-- and the friends she invited to shared their wisdom-- for inspiring me when I didn't even know that was exactly, spot-on what I needed at this very moment.


Q: What creative evolution are YOU undergoing?
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