Monthly Craft Craze #1

Before we get started with The Craze, here's 
the Candy Corn Ornament Tutorial.  
It's really complex.  Ready?

#1 Open a bag of candy corn.  #2 Stuff pieces of candy into your mouth a clear glass Christmas ball.  #3 Tie a ribbon around the neck.  #4 Eat Hang it on your Halloween Tree.

Halloween inspires that urge that says, "I gotta create!"  Because it's one of my favorite holidays, I am VERY excited to host a link party dedicated to all things spooky.  
     I can't wait to see what everyone is doing! So...strut your crafts, decor, jewelry, trash-to-treasure... anything Halloween-inspired, whether traditional or with a modern twist.

Here are the rules:
1. Link to your post, and not just to your blog.
2. Link back to I Gotta Create! in your post or on your blog and help promote the party. 
3. Visit the post in front of you and behind you and show them some love by leaving a comment.  Let's really support each other!
4. Please join my blog as a follower.

Ok!  Let's Go:

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