On Pins & Needles

Have you ever seen a peanut butter jar lid look so elegant? This one takes on a new function as a pincushion, embellished with gold ribbon and a beautiful gold button in the center.
It now sits atop an upcycled steel can that can hold thread, buttons, or whatever your heart desires. A strip of muslin, a fancy ribbon and a flourish of velvety flowers with a pearly gold center transforms what once had been a can of pineapple. 
I've been taking cans, glass, paper and plastic to the recycling bin for well over 20 years now, and sometimes can't help seeing some of these objects as opportunities to create art!

Q: When's the last time you saw something extraordinary in the ordinary?

Here's how you make ordinary cans and lids into extraordinary storage containers:

Make sure the jar lid you choose just fits inside the steel can you'll be using. Drill or punch a hole through the center of the jar lid. Grab a handful of fiberfill and roll it into a ball to fit inside the lid. Pull a scrap piece of fabric snugly over the fiberfill and lid, using a hot glue gun to secure it to the sides of the lid.

Be Careful not to burn your fingers because the hot glue goes right through the fabric and warms up the lid. I used a little plastic thingy to help me press the fabric into the glue. Glue a little strip of coordinating ribbon around the perimeter. 
I also pulled my fabric on around to the bottom and glued again to make sure it was secure and that it looks finished. But it is easy for the glue to get gloppy.  
Poke a hole in center of the pincushion so you can make way for your button. I had to poke a pencil through there to move the stuffing out of the way. 
Thread a ribbon through the button shank to enable you to pull it through the fabric, stuffing and lid. 
You can secure the button by putting a pin through the shank.  Now your lid will sit atop the can, or it can stand on its own right next to you when you're sewing.
Embellishing the can is super simple. Cut a strip of muslin. Glue one end to the seam of the can. Wrap it around snugly, slightly overlap the the end you just glued and secure it with more glue. Do the same for the ribbon. 
Then just glue on whatever embellishments you desire - flowers, buttons, maybe whatever it is you will be keeping in your new beautiful storage system.  
The great thing about these steel cans is you can put a magnet inside so that if you're storing pins or needles, you can get a clump within easy reach near the top. Also, my can opener is designed to ensure there are no sharp edges (pampered chef), and you'll want to ensure the same.

This pincushion was featured at: Sew Country Chick. Thank you Justine! 

I use this great little pincushion all the time. See it at work *HERE* while making a snarky apron!


annies home said...

love it looks super cute and classy come see me at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

Christina at I Gotta Create! said...

Thank you, shopannies! Those eerie eyeballs look cool!

Justine of SewCountryChick said...

This is just gorgeous Christina. Ill be featuring this next week!

Jamie said...

What a great idea, I'll definitely be making this for myself!