Fireflies & Candy Corn Inspirations

Nothing says fall has arrived like a bit of crispness in the air, the leaves starting turn, and... candy corn!  After a productive weekend of Fall Cleaning, I wanted to do a quick little recycle project to kick off the fall decorating season. Inspiration was provided by a craving for candy corn plus this shapely little jar that used to hold spaghetti sauce.
Of course, if you wanted to be a little healthier, you could fill the jar with a good trail mix! Aren't these colors just gorgeous together?  But wait!  Inspiration hit again as I felt a strange mix of wistfulness about summer fireflies disappearing and anticipation at the thought of halloween around the corner:
Clear glass marbles and a couple of glow sticks transform the jar into a lovely little lantern. Doesn't it harken to those childhood dreams of a firefly lantern? I found a tube of 15 glow bracelets for a buck. Or, you could put one of those battery-operated tea lights in the bottom and fill the jar with the marbles.
Sure looks good as part of a fall montage.  Who knew an old spaghetti jar could have so many fall outfits?  

Q: What inspires you about fall?

Making this dressy little jar is so simple, it literally took me maybe 5 minutes once I'd gathered the supplies.

Here's how you do it:

Gather your supplies -- a jar, your trusty little hot glue gun, and a few items to glue to the lid. I found a pinecone and twig, had a little raffia around the house, two fabric flowers, and a few fake autumn leaves that fell out of an old arrangement.
After you get the correct lid for the jar, hot glue the raffia around the edge. You could always use a pretty fall ribbon instead.
I chopped up a little of the leftover raffia and glued it and 4 fake autumn leaves to the top of the jar lid.
Next came the flowers and the pinecone. I slid the stick in after that.
Ta-Dah! You have a beautiful fall jar to fill with whatever your heart desires. Enjoy!

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