Adventures of Benny

Meet Benito.  Benny for short.  He's got lots of purrrsonality and spunk! 
 We had SUCH a great weekend, which is why I'm just now getting around to posting. Hubby and I got a new camera and spent the weekend outside playing in the perfect fall weather. Benito, never to be one to be left out, invited us for a game of Hedge Apple Soccer.
 "Can you pet me now, mama?  Ok.  How about now? Well then, what about now?"
 "I know that hedge apple is around here somewhere...."
"Oh this fall weather is blissful...."
"Wait. What were we doing? ...."
"Never mind. I'm so over that."

Q: What's your favorite thing to do on a weekend?

*Catch MORE of Benny's antics here*


Mandy said...

Benito is adorable. I love cats. I'd have 10 of them if my husband would let me. I love taking walks on fall days and looking at all the colors of the trees. Preferably in the morning when the air is crisp!

Christina at I Gotta Create! said...

I love that, too. The crispness of fall is invigorating!

W said...

How fun! Benny is such a beautiful kitteh.....

Unknown said...

Oh, new cameras are the best! I love your photo's of Benny!

Anonymous said...

Keep us posted on Benny's antics. I love a good fire with the windows open or going to a fall festival with the kids.


Christina at I Gotta Create! said...

New cameras and funny cats are a great mix! I will definitely keep you posted on his antics! And I'm loving hearing what people love about fall. :)

Babs said...

Benny is so cute and having fun playing with the hedge apple. Nice way to spend the afternoon.

Sarah Leonard said...

What a cutie pie and what a lovely garden you have!

Thanks for linking up!

Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity