A Halloween Parade! (& vote)

I give you Mother Nature's "Parade of the Spooky & Peculiar" before we get to our own little Par-tay!
Nature is celebrating the Halloween season around here with her cast of characters. This one sports a beautiful little costume!

Eeewwwww... This one died right in her own web.  Kinda creepy, hu?

Ok... I've always been a bit freaked out by ants. I once fell off a teeter-totter at the high point because an ant was crawling right toward my leg. {obviously this was a long time ago} I'm not usually so squeamish, but I don't know... something about ants...

Yikes! Those multiple eyeballs bored into me while I was window-washing the other weekend. Quite a spooky little costume, dontcha think?

And... click here to check out this WOLF SPIDER WITH BABIES on her back!!

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