Obsession is perhaps too light a word for what happened to me as the inspiration for these pillows took hold!  These enchantresses will help you celebrate Halloween in high style.

It started with one, and quickly became two, then a third demanded to be created. By this time, I had half a coven completed.

Vintage photos had me under a spell and were perfect for this project!

Pretty soon, pumpkins, ravens and pitchforks demanded their familiar place in the lineup.

Q: What's been your latest creative obsession?

Here's how you create these bewitching pillows:
(Be sure to click on the link to see more photos!)

First, print out those lovely vintage photos on fabric sheets that go through the ink jet printer. Two beguiling beauties per sheet will make you a double-sided pillow.
Aren't these photos just gorgeous? Poke around on some of my favorite art resource sites for some that appeal to you. 

Make a template for your witch's hat out of cardstock, and trace it over the fabric you'll be using. My hats are from an old pair of black velour sweats (circa early 1990's--don't laugh). Delicious texture!

Once you've cut out the hat, pin some halloween ribbon to the right side of the fabric to add some detail so that the hat does not become a huge black void.

Sewing the ribbon with a small zig-zag stitch adds some zing!

Now, put the right sides together, and sew the hat together, except for around the bottom.

This is what it should look like when you turn it right side out. The bottom is open. I cut out the hat down by the hem of my recycled sweats, which saved me a sewing step!

Now, tuck your fabric photo under the hat hem so it looks like she is wearing it. Pin it in place and stitch, being careful not to catch the other side in the process. Repeat for the other side of the pillow.

Once you've stitched the hat to the heads on both sides, put the right sides together and stitch down the length of the vintage photos, going through both layers this time. Leave the bottom open so you can stuff the pillow...

...then close the bottom either with a whip stitch or machine sew on some lace and halloween ribbon.

Embellish the hats with flowers, and before you know it, you'll have a whole crop of beguiling beauties to harvest!  At this point, you can Mod Podge the fabric to seal it and preserve the photos. This will give the pillow a crispness and texture. If you look back through these photos, you'll notice the center one has been Mod Podged in matte already. (It did make it more difficult to photograph in the sunlight.) 

This one is Zelda. She's flying out to a loved one as a gift.

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