Western Painted Turtle: Symbolism and Facts

This #turtle is the size of a quarter!  Awwww…  | Turtle symbolism and facts at I Gotta Create!

My hubby found the sweetest
little turtle near our new garden.

It is literally the size of a quarter!

I love turtles!
The beauty of this creature inspires 
ancient stories and symbolism.

Observe a turtle and let it speak to you
of the wisdom in its nature... 

Turtle Symbolism:

the ability to stay grounded
peace and harmony
strength and stability
reminder to slow down, pace yourself
determination and persistence
patience and understanding
ancient wisdom

Here are a few more turtle tidbits:

Turtle Facts:

The Western Painted Turtle
likes to live near ponds or slow-moving
water with soft, muddy areas.
They feed on plants and small fish, crustaceans and insects. We have plenty of crawdads around here but this little gal would probably get full on a few rollie pollies!  

When I read up about these turtles, I found that they lack sex chromosomes. Instead, the incubation temperature determines the sex.

These turtles love to hang out in groups, called a "bale," and bask in the sun. They shed their shells as they grow, and burrow in the mud to hibernate in the winter.

Stay tuned for my upcoming series of 
Turtle Wisdom quotes.

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