Oscar Bingo Printable Cards for 2014!

Free printable Oscar Bingo Cards for your #academyawards watch party! | Compliments of I Gotta Create!

It's almost time for this year's 
 Academy Awards

Here's an entertaining way to celebrate the 
glitz and glam for this year's 
GREAT movies:

Play Oscar Bingo with this free printable!

It's a FUN way to watch
with friends and family.

I have a whole set of cards
for 2014 that you can download
for free at the end of this post
{entertainment doesn't come
less expensive than that!}.

You get 9 different cards
with the categories randomized and ready
for you and your guests to write in 
your favorites.

You also receive a listing for the categories
so you can easily make your choices.

Then just watch the Academy Awards
and mark off the Bingo card if you got it right.

Free printable Oscar Bingo Cards and glitter bingo chips for your #academyawards watch party! | Compliments of I Gotta Create!

We use these fancy glitterized Bingo chips 
to mark ours! You can get that tutorial here.

The first one to get 5 in a row
(vertical, horizontal or diagonal)

Good luck!
Get the 
2014 Oscar Bingo Cards here.

2015 Oscar Bingo Cards are here!

They are sized full page and if you want 
1/2-page sized cards, just choose the option 
on your printer to print 2 per page.

Download, print and have a
watch party!

For your party... 
serve up some fancied oreo cookies

Check out the Oscar Pinterest board
and Party Board for inspiration...

Play with "Glitterized" 

Which nominees are your favorites?
Do tell....


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