Oscar, Oscar!

It's one of our
simple pleasures to watch 
a great movie
on the Big Screen
while munching on nachos or popcorn.

This year blows me away
with all the films depicting the human
heart, resiliency
and the amazing power of love.

We need demonstrations of that!

And this is why I've been making such a fuss
about the Oscars this year with recent projects.
And why we'll be having so much fun
watching the Academy Awards Sunday night.

You can download my Oscar Bingo Cards here
and get tutorials on my glitzy dabbers and chips too!

Some AMAZING movies and actors 
have been nominated for Academy Awards...

and we've seen many of them:

Flight ~ Denzel is nominated Best Actor for his powerful and complex performance that leaves you thinking about the movie for days.
Life of Pi ~ a visual symphony and spiritual journey.
Argo ~ spellbinding even knowing the end!
Beasts of the Southern Wild ~ self-determination and resiliency in the context of a world that stacks the deck against you...
Les Miserables ~ my personal favorite rips open your heart so it can expand wider to accept the power of love.
Silver Linings Playbook ~ well-done, sensitive  depiction of lives impacted by bipolar and just plain old idosyncracies. There is a silver lining.
Lincoln ~ Love the man even more after seeing this pivotal moment in history.
The Impossible ~ gripping story of a family who survive the tsunami.

There's more, I know. 
Anna Karenina ~ nominated for costume design and well done with the sets, too.
Skyfall ~ I like Adele's song best!
Mirror Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman ~ both had pretty spectacular costumes.

Sunday night we'll have little change in our snack routine for this special occasion as we play Oscar Bingo and watch the Academy Awards.

Will you be watching?
For whom will you be rooting?



Cindy Eikenberg, Little Miss Celebration said...

Christina, I've LOVED your Oscar postings and those Oreo cookies are just the bomb! Have so much fun tonight watching the big show and eat a cookie for me! I'm pulling for Bradley Cooper for Best Actor. Enjoy and have a fabulous Sunday! ~Cindy

Bliss said...

I've only seen one of those movies, but I'd come over and snack with you and I love bingo. I need to get out more.


Anonymous said...

So cute, I love your Oscar bingo! I haven't seen ANY of the films but I love to watch all the glitz and glamour! Have fun