Ever Feel Like This?

I've been curled up hiding away {but not looking so cute} because I've been under the weather since Friday. I'm not good at feeling bad. I always try to fight it. I have a hard time accepting and surrendering...there's always so much to do! 

To my credit, I did leave work early and came home and slept like I hadn't in 5 years. To my relief, my Friday post had already been completed and scheduled. To my demise, I tried to work some on the blog Saturday {or was it Sunday? It's a blur...} and ended up deleting a few very key photos. This added to my headache and dizziness. Lesson: don't try to work or blog when you're under the weather.  

I'm still feeling crummy, so I will resume with the crafty, creative content soon. In the meantime, I need a good remedy for dizziness. It's the worst!

Q: What do you do when you're under the weather?
How 'bout browsing some great projects here at I Gotta Create! for a little 'pick-me-up'....

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