Mr. Cris Pringle

In our previous episode of Tinfoil Tannenbaum, we were waiting breathlessly to meet "Tanny's" tall, bright and handsome mystery date...

Everyone, meet Mr. Cris Pringle. Quite a debonair hairdo, wouldn't you say? The barber elf used that new crimper tool to create a Christmas tree pompadour that would knock Tanny's socks off...

And she'll never know underneath that super plush velvet-tinfoil-craftpaper-raffia suit he was once a simple Pringles can.

Ah, but Tanny's not the only one with bling for the date. Cris Pringle is going GQ with his Christmas party accessory: a santa hat!  

{That's right...if you're going to dress up a Pringle's can to stuff with goodies for Christmas, why not go all the way!}

Oh so very handsome! He's ready for a night on the town! Anyone would think this guy was a great gift.

Together in all their blingy splendor! {can you believe it's aluminum foil?!}

Ooooohh-la-la!  I think they're hitting it off!   Pin It

And are you ready for the next {tinfoil} move?  

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