Spotted Pony Milkshakes!

Stick a straw in them and call me done! 
These little fillies are a runaway hit 
for parties and family nights.

They couldn't be easier to wrestle up. 

Here's how to make Spotted Pony "Milkshakes"

or, depending on your theme,

Spotted Cow Milkshakes:

Start by making Chocolate Coconut Milk ice cubes!! Yuummmm. 

You can make up a batch or two and 
keep them in the freezer for a 
spur-of-the-moment treat. 
{substitute plain chocolate milk if your crowd doesn't like coconut.}

Once frozen, round up two or three cubes 
in a cute little mason jar glass. Of course, 
I had to fancy up these little fillies.

Pour some plain soy or almond milk 
{or regular milk} over the 
herd of chocolate coconut milk ice cubes.

Make 3-D Stars for your party, too. See more ~here~!

Put your party lid on and you're done! 
Let 'em sit for 5 minutes or so before serving 
to soften up the chocolate spots.

As the cubes melt, your pony will transform 
from spotted to chocolate. It's all good!

This is great for a quick treat, a Wild West 
party theme, or a Back to School Roundup!

You can try plain and chocolate milk if you prefer. Ours is a yummy, lactose-free, and nutritious little treat.

By the way, this is my own crazy concoction 
and not a paid post promoting any particular brand.

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