Spotlight: Bean Bag Camera 'Tripod' from iPad Sleeve

Great photos are desirable whether
you're on vacation, snapping family portraits or blogging.
Here's a simple solution
to improve photo-taking pronto!

Elena from 'A Casarella
shared this great tip at the Wildly Original party:
turn that neoprene iPad cover into a 

camera bean bag.

It holds the camera steady
and allows you to set an angle
without carrying a bulky tripod.

Don't you just love
simple solutions and great tips?
Drop by 'A Casarella for the full scoop from
the photography class she took. 
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Elena, you're a STAR in the spotlight
here at I Gotta Create! Thanks so much for sharing.
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acasarella said...

Thank you so much for the lovely feature. (I feel like I should make an acceptance speech, but I will spare you :)

Off to grab my button!