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Hello! My name is Christina.
Thank you for being here.

My blog is full of original craft and DIY project tutorials,
recipes, reflections and art.

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YOU are a Creative Superstar 
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Let me explain ...

I Gotta Create! has at least two meanings to me.

 #1:  It's the urge that makes you:

garden, build things, write, sing, 
try new recipes, host a party, sew, tinker in the garage, 
craft, create art.... you get the picture.

Embrace that itch to express yourself! 
     You may call it being productive, playing, or creating...
           Or you may simply say it's essential to your sanity. 

#2: It's the fact that we are all creators

every day, all the time

by our choices about: 

  • what we do, 
  • how we react, 
  • how we interact, 
  • what we choose to give time and attention to, 
  • and whether we appreciate the 'details' along our paths.  

"I Gotta Create" means you can't escape the fact that you are creative, and you are creating your life.  

May as well get intentional and joyful about it--eh? 

Embrace your inner Creative Superstar!

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