It's Hug A Chicken Day!

Hug a Chicken Day | Illustration by Christina at  I Gotta Create!

No kidding, it is Hug A Chicken Day!

If you have backyard chickens,
you know how lovable they are.

They are great pets and they provide us with eggs!

So I'm celebrating with this quick little illustration.
You can see more of my art {here}. 

Here's a look at our girls plus a breakfast recipe and free printable...

Our beautiful backyard chickens make fabulous pets and provide us eggs! | Visit I Gotta Create!

Yes, making a mess in the flowerbed, but we still love 'em!

Broccoli Parmesan Hash Brown Cups -- YUM! | Recipe at I Gotta Create!

Get the recipe for these yummy broccoli parmesan hash brown cups HERE.

Eggcellent!  free egg printable for your kitchen | visit I Gotta Create!

If you'd like a free egg printable
for your kitchen, click HERE!

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