Our First Eggs! Free Kitchen Printable, Too!

We got eggs!
We got our first fresh organic eggs!

and they are Eggcellent!

A lot has been happening
behind the scenes in the past
17 weeks here at 
I Gotta Create!

We got our first ever baby chicks,
{four of them: Buff, Red, Gertrude and Lacy}
built a chicken coop from a kit,
expanded it,
learned all about chicks and chickens,
transferred our babies from the shower
to the garage,
to the yard,
and now....

taa-daah!  Eggs!

I'm so proud of the girls!

To celebrate, I'm sharing

a free 8x10 Eggcellent kitchen printable 

with you in the link below!

The smaller egg is from our chickens.
The larger egg is from the carton of organic eggs
I've been buying -- until now!

Our chicks have a way to go
before they lay a larger egg.

In the coming weeks
I'll be giving you the tour,
introducing you to the girls,
and giving you the real scoop
on what it's like to raise chickens
if you're someone like me who has only
ever had a dog and cats
(oh -- and a guinea pig a loooong time ago)
for pets!

For now,
8x10 printable!

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