Thanksgiving Wood Burned Spoons

Make wood-burned spoons and add color with this tip ~ makes a great thank you for Thanksgiving hostess | Instructions at I Gotta Create!

Make a unique Thank You gift
for the host or hostess of 
your Thanksgiving celebration:
a wood-burned spoon.

Use a simple wood burning tool
to 'engrave' fun Thanksgiving-related
words or designs.

Lightly sand the spoon and then
add a little extra color to
the inside of your design

with food coloring.

I simply used a new, clean brush (never used with 
paint before) and "painted" the design 
with food coloring.
I allowed mine to dry for several days.

Rinse the spoon thoroughly. Some of the
food coloring will come off, so be sure to keep
the water running over it until it's fairly clear.
Allow the spoon to dry thoroughly 
for at least 24 hours.

The color will fade over time
--safely because it is food coloring--
but you will always have
the burned design in the spoon.

Serve and Enjoy!

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