Pattern Camp Adventure

Look at the amazing repeat patterns I learned to make at Jessica Swift's weekend pattern bootcamp! | Pattern camp review at I Gotta Create!

I have been in the company of more than 200
wonderful, talented people this past week,
led by pattern designer Jessica Swift.

I enrolled in Jessica's weekend online 
Pattern Camp
and I'm having the best adventure!

This class has been amazing. 

Having never used Adobe Illustrator
or photo shop before, I am thrilled
that in one short weekend, I actually did 
learn enough about both to
create successful patterns.

Yes, those are my patterns from 
my own sketches surrounding 
the "rockstar" button!

The online bootcamp is packed with an intensive
 amount of information delivered in print and video format in Jessica's positive, good-natured, 
encouraging style. She provides live check-ins 
via Spree Cast as well as through a private 
Facebook group. You really feel a sense of 
community through the Facebook group. 
Jessica is so responsive there throughout the
 weekend you almost feel like she's there with you. 

And, Jessica's ongoing support via 
the private Facebook group keeps us all
continuing to hone our budding skills
and learn about art resources.

She is an excellent teacher.
And generous. Because there is so much
information to absorb, it will truly take
campers some time to gain fluency.
So, Jessica is keeping open access to all course
information and videos for two months for campers.

It's a great way to learn.

I'm amazed at how much this class has inspired me and opened up my creativity further.
I've rediscovered my ability to sketch - wow!

Look for her next class sometime
in early 2015. 
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note: I was not paid for this post -- just sharing because I really enjoyed and appreciated the class and Jessica's approach.

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